Doing Business with CTIA

Special Notice, RFP document and other information available for vendors seeking to do business with CTIA.

Important Dates to Know

Schedule Date
RFP available for release February 8, 2016
Confirmation of “Intention To Submit” a Proposal by email February 15, 2016
“Last Day For Questions” or comments related to RFP February 22, 2016
Response to questions and comments due February 29, 2016
Proposal Submission “Due Date” March 7, 2016
Selection of one or more Vendors to present Proposal and Scope of Work(SoW) March 18, 2016
Selection of Vendor, if one is selected April 1, 2016

Intent to Submit RFP

If you intend to submit an RFP response you must notify the proposal contact person, (“PCP”) at the email address below by the date shown above, (i.e. February 15, 2016). If you miss the deadline you will not be provided credentials (e.g. login and password) to submit a response proposal to the RFP, and may thereby disqualify an RFP response submission.

Mr. John A. Marinho (PCP)
Email: jmarinho@ctia.org

CTIA - The Wireless Association ®
1400 16th Street NW, Suite 600
Washington DC 20036

RFP Download

To gain access to the RFP, please click on the following link: MDIP RFP PDF or MDIP RFP MS Word. You will need to provide name, email and company information before downloading.
If you have any issues, please contact Mr. Nelson Lathrop -Technical Point of Contact (TPOC)
Email: NLathrop@ctia.org

RFP Submission (Deadline: Midnight ET MARCh 7, 2016)

Thank you for your interest and proposal for the MDIP RFP.

To submit your completed response proposal to the RFP - please use the credentials assigned to you and access the link by clicking the RFP Submit link.


For frequently asked questions and answers please click on the Q & A link.

All RFP responses are due to the ctia no later than Midnight Eastern Time on March 7, 2016. Any responses received after that date and time may be immediately disqualified from this process.